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Consulting & System Integration

To boost business competitiveness and enhance values through IT, I&C diagnoses IT levels, formulates strategies and presents strategy implementation directions. I&C also provides consulting services for the adoption and operation of customer business-optimized IT.

  • IT Strategy Consulting

    To help secure business competitiveness and expand values through IT, we diagnose IT levels, provide strategy formulation, give implementation directions and offer consulting for the adoption and operation of IT optimized for customer businesses.

    • ISP/IT Master Plan
    • EA (Enterprise Architecture)
    • Diagnosis of IT capabilities
    • Management of IT performance
  • Process and Solution Consulting

    In order to promote customer business success in competitive markets and to increase their business value, we provide process consulting and system implementation services based on diverse solutions.

    • ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning)
    • SCP(Supply Chain Planning)
    • SCM(Supply Chain Management)
    • PLM(Product Lifecycle Management)
    • FCM(Finance Cost management)
    • MES(Manufacturing Execution System)
    • CRM(Customer Relationship Management)
    • EMS(Enterprise Management System)
  • IT Convergence

    IT convergence refers to the process by which we combine ICT technology with services or products, thus providing new forms of convergence products and services. In particular, we combine software programs and communication technologies that are embedded in machine tools, power and drivers, utilities, control and instrumentation devices and production systems.

    • TMS (Telemetric Management Service)
    • RMS (Remote Monitoring Service)
    • Green Energy System
    • SCADA(Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) System
    • HMI System
  • SI (System Integration)

    We provide the services of constructing IT systems for functions required by corporate business value chain, thus helping achieve management objectives. We apply hardware, software, application framework and other information technologies, through work process analysis / design / development / test / pilot operation, thus creating diverse services.

    • Project
    • Engineering
    • Manufacturing
    • Distribution
    • Finance
    • Service
  • HR@Cloud Powered by SAP SuccessFactors

    Based on the successful case of introducing SAP SuccessFactors, Global No.1 HCM, to Doosan Group, we provide license reselling, consulting, implementing and operation support services.

    • Employee Central
    • Performance & Goal Management, CDP/SP
    • Recruiting
    • Learning
    • Compensation
    • JAM, HR Analytics

    More Information for HR@Cloud

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