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Application Management

We provide integrated operation, maintenance and improvement services for Doosan Group’s common systems and also affiliates’ systems. In line with the Group’s overseas business expansion, we expand our services to overseas affiliates, while endeavoring to secure the cost and service quality competitiveness required for continued global application operation services, to enable affiliates to concentrate on key competitive areas.

  • System Improvement

    With regard to the Group’s PTS and other work systems for general affairs, search and other non-mainstream businesses, we examine external solutions and roll them out to affiliates based on the Group’s best practices as and when it is deemed necessary. In addition, regarding the Group’s non-mainstream businesses, we review domestic and overseas best practices effectively implementing systems suited to the requirements.

    • Dedicated Application
    • Common Application
  • Operation of Affiliates’ Systems

    We use our experience and technologies for providing the services of integrating and operating, maintaining and improving Doosan Group affiliates’ ERP systems, existing systems and applications. This reduces affiliates IT costs and enables affiliates to concentrate on key competitive areas.

  • Operation of Common Work Systems

    We provide the Group’s common e-mail as well as Work & Communication portal services, thus supporting effective work performance and cooperation.

    • Web site
    • Group Portal (Doodream)
    • E-HR
    • E-mail
    • Lync
    • Electronic procurement
    • Internal control

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