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Overseas Subsidiaries

We have established global IT hubs in the US (Doosan Digital Innovation America: DDI America) and China (Doosan Digital Innovation China: DDIC), thereby supporting the global businesses of our key affiliates.


In an effort to meet the diverse IT needs of the Group’s Chinese affiliates and to provide them with advanced IT services, DDIC runs a series of close-knit services. To bolster our affiliates’ business competitiveness, DDIC serves as a total service provider. To help the affiliates secure their business competitiveness, DDIC is also leading diverse IT projects in China.


DDI America, based in Atlanta, operates its branches in Statesville, Bismarck, Fargo, Gwinner, Wahpeton and Litchfield, USA. It creates synergies for global growth by standardizing and integrating IT systems in the US, as well as boosting the Group’s IT cost efficiency through economy of scale.


DDI Europe is planning to provide competitive IT services in EMEA region on the whole, consolidating IT services of Skoda Power in Czech Republic, Lentjes in Germany, etc. It also aims to accomplishing the goal of IT service integration for the entire Doosan affiliates as the EMEA regional hub and ultimately contributing to the advanced and more scientific ways of working across Doosan group.

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