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DDI will drive Doosan group’s
successful business growth,
by offering quality IT service

The rapid development of IT technologies is swiftly transforming our world and the leading players in the global market are leveraging IT technologies effectively, yielding even greater output. Amidst such challenges and opportunities, DDI is making the utmost effort to contribute to Doosan group’s business success, by offering global IT service with the highest quality.

DDI BU has provided total IT service, ranging from business process innovation & system implementation, system enhancement and operation to IT infrastructure implementation & operation, etc. In particular, DDI established global IT hubs in NA( Doosan Digital Innovation America, DDI America), China (Doosan Digital Innovation China, DDI China) and EMEA (Doosan Digital Innovation Europe, DDI Europe), supporting global business of key Doosan affiliates.

DDI has successfully implemented ERP for all Doosan affiliates and continues to carry out process innovation initiatives, centering on ERP-based business solutions such as PLM, MES, etc. And it leverages the latest IT technologies including Digitalization, OT, Cloud, IoT, etc., endeavoring to offer advanced and efficient working environment to customers and also focuses on supporting Industry 4.0 initiatives of Doosan affiliates.

DDI vows to nurture proud Doosan people, based on the trust and respect among its employees, contributing to Doosan group’s growth, via unparalleled competitiveness, and will continue to work on building ‘proud Doosan in the world’.

We at DDI appreciate your continued support for our pioneering and innovative effort to become a global IT leader
Thank you

Doosan corp. DDI BU head
Sukwon Park

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