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DDI Activities

As a total IT service provider, we strive to continue our efforts in securing fundamental competitiveness that will lead to growth at Doosan by providing an advanced IT service.

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1. Implementing global IT systems for the support of group’s core business

  • Implementing global ERP integration of group affiliates

    DDI has expanded and integrated ERP to upgrade manufacturing execution competencies of Infracore, C&E, Engine, Doosan corp., Bobcat, Infracore China entities, Skoda Power , Doosan Fuel Cell, etc. and also expanded support for SCM, PLM, MES, etc. to support customers’ core process innovation based on ERP.

  • Expanding core IT systems and provide new IT service

    DDI has contributed to customers’ stronger value chain, via MES implementation for efficient manufacturing and new IT service including IoT, big data, etc. It is also expanding the support for Industry 4.0 and new technologies.

  • Implementing GlobalHRInformation System(GHRIS)

    DDI kicked off GHRIS implementation to support global HR operation of Doosan group in 2014 and completed the rollout to approx. 30,000 employees in 49 entities in Korea, China, India and Vietnam on Aug. 17th, 2016. This is the first implementation of single instance-based SAP HR solution for the whole group in Korea. The project put in place Core HRMS, to manage employee master HR data and incremental change record ( org. change, promotion, transfer, co-positioning, etc.) and HR Solution system for talent management, including hiring, compensation, assessment, training, etc., contributing to standardized service offering of core HR data and processes.

2. Securing Global Hubs

  • Establishing DDI America, NA entity

    DDI established Doosan Digital Innovation America (DDI America) in Atlanta, US, on Jul. 1st, 2011, creating an opportunity to evolve as a global IT service provider and has actively provided IT service in overseas locations.

  • Establishing DDI China, China entity

    DDI established Doosan Digital Innovation China (DDI China) in Beijing, on Dec.1st,2011, starting to offer more specialized IT service to Doosan affiliates in China.

  • Establishing DDI Europe, EMEA entity

    DDI established Doosan Digital Innovation Europe (DDI Europe) in Renfrew and Crawley, UK, on May 1st, 2014, starting to provide IT service to Doosan Babcock, such as application operation, IT infrastructure (servers, network, etc.) operation, Enterprise Resource Planning operation, etc.

  • Establishing DDI Europe-CZ, Czech branch office

    DDI established Doosan Digital Innovation Europe- Czech (DDI Europe-CZ) on Jan.1st,2015. Located in Plzeň, Czech, DDI Europe-CZ is the branch office of DDI Europe, with 8 local IT resources transferred from Doosan Skoda Power and has provided IT operation service to Skoda Power.

3. Initiating global IT integration and cloud service

  • Consolidating global IT infrastructure as group’s integrated IT supplier

    AD, email and Lync service for DICE, outsourced to MS at the time, was integrated into group system and One-Doosan structure was established accordingly. As a result, performance improved by approx. 30% and DICE IT cost worth around $800,000 was saved.

  • Providing IT cloud service for asset efficiency

    DDI fully acquired IT assets of group affiliates in Mar. 2011 as group’sIntegrated IT supplier and initiated pay-per-use cloud service. Operation efficiency significantly improved, with respect to infrastructure asset and DDI has contributed to group’s cash flow improvement and business growth, preventing excessive and overlapping investment

4. Strengthening global business capability

  • PI/IT Academy for experts

    DDI launched PI/IT academy courses, to enhance the understanding of industries of key customers and secure competencies of customer services in Aug., 2011. The program was modified into ERP specialist course and PI course in’12 and approximately 70% of operation support resources participated in SAP ERP specialist course, for example. After the training program, 31 participants succeeded in SAP consultant certification. As a result, all ERP operation support resources could obtain SAP-related certificates.

  • STEPS program for strategic thinking

    STEPS represents Strategic Thinking Enhancement through Problem Solving and is a mandatory step to become Doosan people with ‘strategic thinking’ based on problem solving methodology. STEPS is the most representative training course to execute group’s 2G strategy, to drive continued talent growth, by extracting the solutions of key business issues based on employees’strategic thinking.

5. Smart office

  • Completing HoldCo‘Paperless Office’ implementation

    As the first step to implement Smart Working, DDI carried out a change management campaign called ‘Paperless Office’ in Holding company, in Mar. ’12. ‘Paperless Office’ campaign resulted in not only reducing the use of papers, but also minimizing the time and effort for unnecessary, redundant or non-productive work .

  • Deploying & expanding VDI / Group Messenger service

    Under the initiative of Smart Working, VDI was introduced for 3 purposes of turning corporate data into asset, strengthening information security and improving operation efficiency. By introducing group messenger Lync, group’s integrated communications tool, DDI has improved mobile messenger & video conferencing systems and also introduced Round Table or Soft-Phone, contributing to greater operation efficiency and productivity, including on/off-line video conferencing, etc.

  • Deploying Doosan Drive

    In order to improve efficiency in document distribution across the group, DDI went live with Doosan Drive, a group service, on Nov. 18th, 2016. Doosan Drive represents an effective and efficient document sharing service, to facilitate link-based file distribution while preventing local file storage in PCs.

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