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Corporate Profile

Doosan Digital Innovation provides total IT services for Doosan affiliates worldwide, including IT consulting and system integration, application system services and IT infrastructure services.


DDI will drive Doosan group’s successful business growth,
by offering quality IT service


We are a total IT service provider with a competitive edge. We create key values for global business growth and the enhancement of management infrastructure.


Established as an IT service organization of OCE and Doosan Group, we carried out SI and value-added services and are now endeavoring to boost our IT service capabilities in support of the Group’s move towards further globalization.

Overseas Subsidiaries

We have constructed our global IT hubs in the US (Doosan Digital Innovation America: DDI America) and China (Doosan Digital Innovation China: DDI China). We thus support key affiliates’ global businesses.

Global Performance

As a total IT service provider, we make a ceaseless effort to secure fundamental competitiveness and to provide advanced IT services, thus leading the growth of Doosan.

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