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HR System

Top-Tier Employee Compensation System in the Market & Industry

We implement a systematic, reasonable evaluation and rewarding system, as well as the “Pay Level Policy” that is unparalleled in the industry, thus providing the highest possible benefits to the employees. We also provide highly competitive benefits to our high-performance employees.

HR System HR System
HR System HR System

Reasonable Promotion System

All our employees, senior or junior, are creative members. We do not base employee remuneration on seniority or gender. We promote employees based on individuals’ capabilities, performance and professionalism.

Aptitude-based Job System

We implement an IT-specific job system. We allow employees to choose jobs according to their aptitude and desires. We implement a job rotation system where employees’ requests are duly considered and reflected.

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Our Aspiration & Core Values

Presenting the ‘Doosan Credo’ – a management philosophy and business methodology for the past, present and the next 100 years.

Brand Cues

This is a story about the Doosan brand and the variety of activities delivering the brand that sets it apart from others.

Global Performance

We provide advanced IT services, thus presenting our activities that lead the growth of Doosan.

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