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Meet Our People

Here, we take a look at the stories of Doosan people who perform excellently with their professionalism and pioneering mindset, who have good teamwork and who contribute to successful organization with flexible thinking. They are the Doosan people who grow together with Doosan.

Doosan Brings Pride to Employees

Hello, everyone. My name is Seongho Park. I joined the company in 2005. As an assistant manager, I belong to the Consulting Service – the ICT Consulting Team. I am working as an IT expat at DDI America (Doosan Digital Innovation America). When I joined the company, the Group was shifting from consumer goods businesses such as liquors, to ISB (infrastructure support businesses) such as heavy industries and excavators. With the shift of business and also growing scale of group, I thought that there would be many growth opportunities for me, compared with the other large-sized corporations.

Currently, I am participating in the project of implementing SAP for the parts business of Doosan Infrastructure’s American subsidiary in Bismarck, North Dakota. The project is scheduled to last for one year. For some time, I may participate in SAP rollout in the US and Europe. Based on my expertise in business process, my goal with the company is to successfully commercialize IT convergence technologies. I also wish to contribute to bolstering the Group affiliates’ competitiveness and growth, thus diversifying businesses along with the growth of DDI.

A company should help individual employees further cultivate their strengths and achieve goals as they spend significant amount of time at work. A company should also consider employees’ families. We can measure such values by the company’s corporate culture and the opportunities that company offers to employees. All in all, DDI meets such criteria, thereby making employees feel proud of themselves.

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